TRESE 5: Midnight Tribunal

It's really a delight to read this given the same format as the third book (TRESE 3: Mass Murders). Personally, I prefer this "one long story in one book" for TRESE than a "collection of short stories in one book" format. Because this long story arc can easily provide a prolonged anticipation for the climax, and the cliffhanger if needed.

It's also cool to see another Trese sibling working as a professor of Anthropology and Sociology in UP. That one specific shot in the Sunken Garden kicked a fuel blast for my mind to soar, reviewing a lot of recent and ancient memories.  Allusions to Mars Ravelo's mythology of Captain Barbell (and Panday) is a big surprise, and I never saw it coming, especially when knowing the arch-enemy of Alexandra Trese.  

Thanks to this dynamic duo of Budjette and KaJo, the TRESE legend is starting to establish its roots in the Filipino psyche. I hope those who started following the series will be ready for the next book.

Genre: Philippine Urban Fantasy
Rating: 4 cups of black coffee

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