What else can I say about this movie? Sam Mendes made this one a visual candy with picture-perfect shots of selected landscapes in London, Shanghai, Macau, and Scotland. Plot-wise, similar themes can be seen especially from The Dark Knight Returns---the movie that Mendes himself refers to heavily. The opening theme is better than Quantum of Solace, but I think it never surpassed the best opening theme (of all the Bond films) of Casino Royale.  I heard from a Bond fan that the current series needed a break from Bourne-like treatment of extended chase scenes and brutal fights and I think he got his answer. It's cool to see a snapshot of 007's past, and how the story returns to his origins with 007 losing (SPOILER HERE) a longtime guardian, a mother like drawing and closing a perfect circle on a chalkboard.

Forget about the member of the Parliament taking a secondary security treatment next to the head of MI6, forget about a very smart hacker resorting to a not-so-very smart search and destroy tactic, forget about 007 not asking for reinforcements, forget about the generic dialogue between the hero and his nemesis in a revenge story. This is a Bond film and just like Ian Fleming's books, all you need to do is enjoy the women, enjoy the technology, and laugh at how dumb the enemy always ends up. Like watching a classic Pinoy action movie, there's no need to be realistic with geopolitics here, we're watching a movie trying to be sentimental. It's been 50 years.

Genre: Action, Espionage
Rating: 007.5 out of 10

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