Occupy Your Mind (RA 10175)

My view on this Republic Act 10175 known as the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 is very simple and straightforward. It's timely as a political ploy to grab voter's attention. Because next year will be a battle in the Philippine Senate and the clowns need to warm up. These "public servants" who in reality are becoming useless politicians who can't write their own speeches by copying online sources and articles without proper and legal citation better watch their own selves before imposing the law to the Filipino people. Better for them to stop watching torrent-downloaded movies if they want to really sound believable.

Those who favor that law use the Uncle Ben argument that "with great power comes great responsibility." Essentially I agree with it but how can you practice responsibility when somebody attempts to steal that power ---your right to free speech? You have to exercise that power first. Where is the power when you're not allowed to speak your mind? Where is the power when you are only allowed to exchange pleasantries and structured thoughts like living a black-n-white world in Pleasantville? Where is the power when due process is kicked to the curb? 

If you see yourself ranting about annoying people who oppose the law, you yourself is also guilty of it because you've just practiced free speech with your dissent and disgust on FB. But since you favor the law, you should have put a tape in your mouth instead and shut the F* up to play safe from being cast as "libelous."

Our lawmakers had no doubt, the good intention to finally eradicate legitimate crimes as identity theft, child pornography, fraud, spamming, hacking, and piracy but good intention is not enough. There are no shortcuts in the creation of Law. They need to study this issue deeply and conduct multilateral discussions if needed, never use it to gain popularity. Our beloved politicos have no idea and understanding of what and how technology is working today that shaped our society and what technology is supposed to fight for in the future.

Like these lawmakers should be, technology is supposed to be a servant and not a dictator. Since we are paying our taxes every 15th and 30th day of the month, as Filipinos we believe that we have the right to rant when these public servants stopped being public servants.

RA 10175:

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