Ain't No Pooper: Top Sci Fi Pick of the Year

image © DMG and Endgame

To end a dark future, look to the past. To end it all NOW, look to yourself.

This is my top pick as the best Sci Fi movie of 2012. We've been treated with a lot of cliches this year by overdosing on alien and robot invasion themes but I believe nobody and nothing can beat the crap out of this "retro" sci fi that looks more into the past than into the future. It played smoothly with its central theme on "time paradox" and the unfolding of who really is the real enemy is a very enjoyable ride to take. Piper Perabo can still provide the heat (if you know what I mean) and Emily Blunt is still as likable as a hotcake since her breakthrough role in The Adjustment Bureau.

If you want to know more proof of how "retro" this film is, just listen to the soundtrack and look at the rural scenery, an area allocated for green farming just outside the city. And of course, you can even see how people display their raw "telekinetic" skills and how the time machine was used low profile to provide viewers much focus on the story itself, and not on useless distractions.

This one is a must-see for sci fi buffs who want a fresh perspective and looking for a smart story but not being too cerebral. Just look out for the Rainmaker---one of the main characters in the story intentionally hidden in the teaser plot. He's f*ckin cool.

timeline by Noah Iliinski

Genre: Sci Fi, Action
Rating: 8/10 deafening shots of blunderbuss

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