The Amazing Spider-Man

Judging by the smiles of faces at exit, we know we got our money's worth for the last full show. And I'm not bullshitting anybody here. I can only laugh at the snobbing faces of critics across the cyberspace anticipating that this reboot wont live up to the hype by "almost" sticking to the comic book origins of the Spider-Man mythology. They were wrong.

Just like in the comics, Peter Parker meets his first love in the name of Gwen Stacy. The charm of this movie actually comes mostly from this story between Peter and Gwen. While the main question regarding his parents' death remains unanswered, the character development of Captain Stacy stood out. It was actually an instant transformation from a nuthead to a hero. Unlike most of the superhero films, policemen are not so dumb after all. Most of the characters here surprisingly know how to think like Gwen, Uncle Ben, and Captain Stacy. Hell, I even give my hat to a legion of Engineers providing an instant help with their tower cranes across the New York city skyline. Some will think that it's pathetic, but it's the kind of truth in the eyes of the blind. Engineers can also become heroes in their own little ways. Working in construction sites of 30+ storeys for two years makes it easy for me to see.    

By the way, Emma Stone never looked so good. 

The paradox of keeping a promise provides the main tension in this movie, not the usual tension we always encounter in a petty battle between a cardboard good and cardboard evil. This time the hero with a mask is not afraid of showing his real face. That's pure guts. Somebody needs to tell this to that other hero caped in black residing in Gotham City who still needs a voice modulator to hide his identity and earn most of the viewer's laughter. His third and final movie by the way, will be shown in August and i'm still looking forward to it (and I'm even counting that it will become the best superhero movie this year).

How I wish that Spider-Man will be able to join the ranks of the Avengers. I can only imagine how Tony Stark and Nick Fury recruit Peter Parker for the first time over a roll of shawarma in a New York City subway.


say cheese...

Genre: Superhero Movie, Film Adaptation, Sci Fi
Rating: Surprisingly 89%


  1. I couldn't agree more! I wasn't expecting to love this movie, but the characters were so human.

  2. Hello Kristi! Thank you for following!


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