Comfort in Your Strangeness

image © Roy Alberto

Cynthia Alexander's departure to the US to seek new challenge as an artist is the current talk in the world of Pinoy Rock. It's true, Rock n Roll is currently hibernating in this country before the invasion of emo, even before NU 107 succumbed to the current trend of "masa" FM and "masa" music brought by lip-synching and pa-cute "artists" who don't know how to write or compose a song but these invasions cannot be prevented. But the good thing is, this role of Rock waiting in the blinds is a recurrent and cyclical phenomenon as we all know in history that after this kind of hiatus, Rock n' Roll always know how to resurrect itself and "disturb" the mainstream for another period of time. Others can choose not to bother much with the mainstream like I do but if it's worth it, then it's still good. No contention here: to each his own, Filipinos deserved their own kind of musical preference.

By sharing two of my favorite songs, I pay homage to Cynthia for inspiring my dormitory nights and mornings with her music in the late 90's. Rephrasing a chorus line that may describe my whole trip with her music; "We are nothing but dust on your feet, dying to be born again..." And I say Amen to that, Cynthia.

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