Bourne Legacy Jeepney Smash (But where are the Palawan scenes?)

Pessimistic Pinoys are at it again.
Endlessly complaining about how ugly Manila is being portrayed here not knowing that the "ugly" part of Manila is an integral part of the story. The Bourne Legacy crew took some shots not just in Manila but also in Palawan---specifically the Puerto Princesa Underground River (1 of 7 new wonders of the World). To tell you frankly, Manila as a city does not represent our country anymore and there are more worthy cities fit for that role.

Scenes starting from 1:58 showed the urban jungle called Manila but where are the Underground River scenes in Palawan? Maybe this one at 0:41? Better wait for the next trailers, quit whining and see the movie on premiere night!

p.s. the fun part here is seeing Rachel Weisz running around the streets of Manila with a Treadstone agent while at the same time married to the current James Bond--as the latest movie Skyfall will also be shown this year. 

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