Still Protecting the Earth from Scum of the Universe

Agent K and J still have it.
They can still kick every illegal alien's butt while cracking well-timed jokes almost instantaneously as the speed of Agent K's first shawarma bite. If the first movie is the best of the three since everything is fresh from alien concepts to political (black) satire, this movie I think is a close runner up to the first. Of course, there can only be one Will Smith in this world and his magic is still evident in this film. I think no one can surpass that magic even if his son prospectively follow his footsteps as an heir to the throne.

Once again, we are treated with unexpected plot twist that will finally show that it was not an accident why Agent J became an MIB agent. He is destined to protect Earth from the scum of the Universe. I was just expecting to see more between Agent O and K. Time travel, when used subtly, can be an effective tool in a Sci Fi story and it's actually good that the writers (from comic to screenplay) never overused it. I am not a fan of time traveling but I can make some exceptions like Back to the Future series and this one. Celebrity cameos suggesting their alien origin can be seen, but Andy Warhol as an alien tops them all.

Rating: 80%
Genre: Sci Fi, Adventure

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