Manila's First Red Sky of the Year

It was fifteen past six this evening and at the moment I left the exit and signed off at the bio-metric scanner, I realized that everything outside the office building turned RED. It wasn't a normal sunset and I could not stop noticing it even at the time I got into my first homeward stop at the J. Ruiz LRT 2 station, I find it irresistible to use my ancient phone and took some shots in the upper, western Manila sky...

At that point, I suddenly remembered a classic mantra: "Red sky at night, sailor's delight. Red sky in the morning, sailor's take warning." If it was a sailor's delight, then there's nothing to worry about it. If the sky at sunset is red, a high-pressure system with dry air is coming in and whipping up dust and it's probably a dry weather the following day. This explanation, I only learned later after referring to a book by Brett and Kate McKay. 

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