Make mine marvel

That was a classic tag line we comic book buffs used to see in one of those letters-to-the-editor page of a Marvel-published book in the 1990's (usually the X Men titles). More than two decades later, this one movie that crossed genre from sci fi to urban fantasy made mine, marvel indeed.

Marvel comics made a gamble by directing majority of its creative team to cross the border from print media to motion picture and they passed the initial test. Forget about the Ghost Rider sleeper of a sequel by Sony Pictures since this one owed much to the success of the Iron Man series as the thrill ride lifted off from where it should really start---the Norse mythology. Though it remains a wishful thinking to finally see Spider-ManWolverine and Wasp to join the party even if we know that we are going to see a new Peter Parker this July.  My eyes were actually looking for clues in between frames but I could not find any, expect for some hints about Frank Castle aka the Punisher but this remains a speculation.

It was all fun from beginning to end and even at the final scenes, we were treated with another cliffhanger, a new enemy in the form of a Greek God of Death---Thanos.

2012 is a year for Hollywood when superheroes square off from books (and prequels) to films. The comic book company that is now owned by Walt Disney Co. just made a daring statement---or perhaps a challenge, as if taunting DC comics and Warner Bros. Entertainment to take the step in the fabled chess battle of superheroes; "Your move, Dark Knight..."

Whether Bruce Wayne answers with a bang or a whimper, remains to be seen. Soon.

Rating: 88 %
Genre: Comics, Sci Fi, Urban Fantasy, Book Adaptation

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