A Worthy Sequel Fit for the Gods

A big improvement from the first, this sequel is more fun and more thrilling and in my opinion, shares the same magnitude of notching the standard bar higher from its original film like what The Dark Knight Returns did to The Dark Knight. The filmmakers made a gamble and earned a lot from it by concealing the real enemy in the trailers and official previews, unlike most of the amateurish films of late that you can already see the whole story by just watching the previews.

Compared to Clash of the Titans(spoiler alert!), Medusa and the Kraken are just iguana pets for Ares and Kronos here. The enemies are nastier, deadlier, and I like how the CGI effects purposively blended a seamless digital integration for a monstrous and ancient God to realistically spew magma, breathe fire, and belch sulphur. That scene with the Minotaur in the Labyrinth is also great. It helps when you've got the copy of Edith Hamilton's Mythology for background check of the Greek Gods and their respective peculiarities. For a short period, there's a feel of deja vu (i.e. Lord of the Rings) when a family of cyclops accompany our heroes in their journey in the mountains. The bird's eye view shot is simply breathtaking.

The choice of quality British actors were also an added bonus. Rosamund Pike as Warrior Queen Andromeda made a good action comeback from Die Another Day years ago. She is still pretty and a damn fine actress. Bill Nighy as Hephaestus is just funny and amazing and hearing him utter his lines still reminds me of his role as the nasty and slimy Davy Jones in Pirates of the Caribbean series.

Wrath of the Titans is highly recommended for every father, son, and brother who still believes in honor and knows how and when to fight for it. Seriously, you will enjoy this one without the excessive sugarcoating or nut hugging for some high profile Hollywood feature films this 2012.

'Coz this is simply an action adventure movie fit for the Gods.

memorable quote from the movie:
"Your boy gave you strength, and so did mine..."  Zeus talking to his son Perseus

Rating: 80%
Genre: Fantasy

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