The Sketching Backpacker

If you've never been to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Macau, Hong Kong, and provincial areas of the Philippines, this is a pretty book worthy as your de facto travel guide. According to the author Robert Alejandro, 90% of the sketches were done on site and the rest were post-processed texts and photograph prints. Inheriting the ownership of Papemelroti from his parents, Robert Alejandro's designs can easily be seen inside a Papemelroti shop from t-shirts to notebooks to calendars and coffee mugs.

I agree with him in saying that traveling is an education which you will never be able to get from school or books. I think traveling is an education of using all your senses, more than just starting from point A and ending to point B. It's about making a plan, meeting people, learning about the world and maybe next time, a chance of breaking and remaking that plan. It's about what you encounter between the point of origin and point of destination and loving that unique experience.

"I am not a tourist. I am a traveler."

Tuktuk - Thailand's version of our very own trike

Lau Prabang French Colonial Architecture

Gao Dai Temple - Vietnam

"bookleg" - paperbacks bootleg in Vietnam

Back Cover

Genre: Art Journal, Travelogue
Rating: 4 sketch pads

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