Rock' n' Roll Pros Mind "Nevermind"

Finally, I got this special issue of SPIN Magazine (August 2011) commemorating the 20th anniversary of Nevermind---the album that "changed everything."

Rockers who know the band talk on their personal experiences at the moment this album hit the airwaves in September 1991 and how the album influenced the mainstream music in general for the coming years. Greg Gillis talked about how Nevermind was the "pivotal album" in his life and Ray Davies thought "it was the most significant American rock' n' roll  album since the Doors...twenty years on and it is still fresh." Henry Rollins saw Nevermind "that music sticks for a reason, it wasn't bullshit," while Edddie Vedder revealed how he listened to Nevermind album in walkman and watching a Nirvana gig, "seeing one of the first shows they played for the record."

All premium stuff in one issue. Only if you love Rock n Roll and know your music well.

"Just hearing that tape with the white label, it had an impact. It felt like a change." Eddie Vedder

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