Gerry Alanguilan Wins

Gerry hits the Jackpot for winning the Quai des Bulles - Quest France 2011 Best Comic Book of the Year Award. ELMER is proudly, Philippine made. Ihanda na ang kulawo! Bogchi na.

Lucky Bird
"Elmer is the story of a family of chickens struggling to survive in a hostile environment. A true family drama in a world where an entire class of people are ostracized by the dominant class, and where all live in a state of mutual distrust. Both funny and moving, Gerry Alanguilan crafted with candor from beginning to end an inspiring parable that masquerades as chronic delusional story. He originally self-published Elmer between 2006 and 2008 in the Philippines. Elmer is the first Philippine graphic novel translated into French."*

*--loose translation from the Quai des Bulles 2011 blog.

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