Reasons Why You Must Attend The First Filipino Reader Con

1. You've been busy doing work but you need a break.
2. You need an alibi to fend off pesky drinking buddies from your work.
3. You want to know if an online crush is really beautiful, or just virtually photogenic.
4. You want to support your online groupies by being involved offline.
5. You are curious about the Manila International Book Fair.
6. You want to check new titles to add in your collection.
7. You want to replace your smoking habit.

 If your reason is different from above, you are still welcome as long as you love reading books and like to talk about the whole reading experience (past and present) with fellow reading advocates in the Philippines. The event will be held on the 14th of September, 1-6 pm at Meeting Room 2 SMX Mall of Asia.

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