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Days before my team conclude the ultra-cool road trip project: the Visayas-Mindanao road survey, I was already planning to do two things as soon as I breathe again the bucolic atmosphere of Las PiƱas. First is to watch the Harry Potter Finale and second is to read a new book.

Just before entering the theater I saw this collection of essays (published last month) by the frontman of Radioactive Sago Project and to tell you the truth, I actually have no idea that Lourd wrote a blog via the urbanite website spot.ph until buying and reading this book.


Nothing's new really with Lourd's sensibilities and observations (and bigotry) regarding varied current affairs but seriously, I share the same sentiment when it comes to the First Sister of the Philippines, simply referred as "K." His tribute to the legendary public enemy Paquito Diaz, eulogy for the rock n roll station NU 107, sentiments on old movies, observations on the Pacquiao Clan and PNoy's metaphor of illegal wangwangs, warning on porn addiction, and his lamentations against taxi drivers from hell plus the bad habit of indiscriminate defecation in public are all classic Lourd de Veyra. There's nothing to contend in a writer who states the obvious, and shows you the sarcasm in a mask-less face.

His reminder for women; umasal lamang ng ayon sa ganda. And for the gents; ang tunay na lalake ay walang abs. Amen!


Genre: Essays, Social Commentaries
Rating: 3.5 shots of GIN POMELO

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