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First of all, I appreciate the fact that a friend shared me a "copy" of this book. I am also thankful that she allowed me to highlight passages and write my personal notes on the pages as much as I like doing it to any book (it was actually, her idea).

Reading a copy of this booklet gave me a feeling that perhaps I also own it, not in a proprietary way but in a spiritual way. Because sometimes, a book or an idea come to our lives at the right place and at the right time to remind ourselves on what really matters in this superficial and transitory world, and spiritual happiness will never be real if you don't share it.

This book by Jeannie Javelosa reviews and reiterates the timeless wisdom of Eastern Mysticism and Philosophy as applied to the current age of romantic and spiritual relationships. Even if I do not completely agree with all the beliefs on the mystical side, the author wrote not in a preachy tone but in a friendly and simplistic manner that made me value the book more. Reading it reaffirmed and fortified my principles as an individual, as a friend, and as a member of an evolving universe hungry for life, love, and ultimately, redemption.

my favorite lines:

"For those who battle the hardest to keep Life despite all odds, they face the experience of Love's supreme sacrifice...where the couple moves through the soul darkness of experiencing  the deepest loneliness and grief of learning to let go."

"Nothing happens in our relationships that we do not bring about by our own free will."

"This great karmic plan of God, with its inherent wisdom, knows that the coupling of people stems from the need of each one to learn the best lessons each can derive from the other. When these lessons have been learned, then it's time to move on."

"Each one comes into your life for a purpose and nothing was ever a mistake."

"People are in our lives for a reason, some for a season, others for a lifetime... Let us therefore not take them for granted."

"Love can lift you beyond yourself. It can also make you dive deep inside."

Rating: 4 cups of tea
Genre: Philosophy, Spirituality, Relationships

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