Banned Books Week 2010

PhotobucketCelebrating the freedom to read banned books has already started at 25th of September and will end this Saturday, the 2nd of October. Though I know I'm off by at least half a week, I believe it's  never too late to give banned books a chance to finally realize their true value, being proof of history themselves. They were banned due to political, moral, and biased reasons but nevertheless, any form of expression by any author or individual who only wanted to tell their sides of the story is a very valid point for us to listen (or read, to be exact).

This year, my most memorable reading experience with a politically banned book is reading the Diary of Anne Frank. It was banned in Lebanon for portraying Jews, Israel, or Zionism "favorably." Crazy it may sound, the very old mantra about "one country's hero is just another country's heretic" is still, highly relevant in a politically-divided world of this Global Age. What an irony.

PhotobucketHere's my short review for Anne Frank's Diary over the Shelfari group.

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What are you reading now, AUTOMATON?

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