Between Limbo and Libido

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There is a place for everyone of us.

Even for the departed Porn Stars.

In this graphic fiction released last year by the creative tandem of Gerry Alanguilan and Arlan EsmeƱa (both from San Pablo City), the spirits of the departed Bold Stars of the 80's Bomba and ST films frolic in a fantasy land serving as their sanctuary. No matter how tragic, sad, or stupid those beloved stars' lives may have ended, the object of every man's carnal lust/love reside somewhere in a paradise-like realm of the sublime. And they live there as long as they exist in every man's wet dreams.

Feminists may say that this is a clear expression of man's chauvinistic behaviour by treating the woman (or the body of a woman) as an object, but the story itself (the life of a lonely man infatuated by the memory of a beautiful woman) shows that men do not completely lust for women. We just simply love them. It's only that this form of expression for this kind of "love" (given that it's not destructive) is different for every individual. And for the story's protagonist, that expression is less Platonic and highly Utilitarian.

From a classic western definition, they say that there are three kinds of Love-- Eros, Amor, and Agape. In this book, it's obvious that Dan's kind of love for Anna is not Amor nor Agape. Still, it's perfectly human.

Men love watching at the naked female body. We also love porn. But still, we love women more even if sometimes we find ourselves hopeless, being victimized by them. Like a gravitational attraction, we are constantly captured by their irresistible beauty, and forever haunted by their memory.

And because of that, the departed "loved ones" will always be remembered.

Rating: 4 centerfolds out of 5
Genre: Modern Fiction/Fantasy

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